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Sonia Guyon

Bourgogne, my birthplace

Bourgogne is beautiful, mysterious, and unique.
I propose to guide you along the Route des Grands Crus to discover what makes our wines so special. Why they are unique, some even extremely limited.
Their ancient history formed by geological, human and scientific influences has resulted in the individuality of these prestigious vineyards.
I invite you to come and discover them in style.


Burgundian by adoption

Originally from Provence, the Bourgogne wine region attracted me
to become a sommelier.
The elegance and diversity of the wines, as well as the beauty of the landscape, made it even more fascinating to me.
The tasting is an analysis, an experience, but above all it is a moment of sharing. This is why passing on my knowledge and my passion to other wine lovers made me choose the fascinating profession of guide alongside Sonia.

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Wine lover

Originally from Russia, I was drawn to picturesque Bourgogne, a perfect region for a passionate wine lover.
I became a sommelier specializing in Burgundy wines.
I am now happy to introduce you to the wine culture of the region to understand the unique origin of the appellations, explore winemaking techniques and appreciate the incomparable taste of wine.
Live an immersive experience for an unforgettable trip!


Guided by the heart

Originally from Japan, I settled in our beautiful Burgundy to work in the luxury hotel industry. Thanks to my clients and my relatives, I became fascinated by the wines of Burgundy and trained myself to make it my job.
Burgundy wine is the fruit of a rich heritage of nature and man for 2000 years, which must continue to be passed on.
This is what I want you to discover: the history, the "terroirs", the passion and the know-how of winegrowers.
I am glad to participate in the transmission of this great story that fascinates me and to share these emotions with you, alongside Sonia!

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Coup de coeur

Top 3 favorites experiences


The Côte de Beaune region produce prestigious red and white wines appreciated for their elegance and finesse such as Corton, Meursault, Montrachet.


The soils of a unique identity give a different personality to the wine. Sample rare and unique wines and learn what makes these Grands Crus so exceptional.


Set off on an emotional adventure aboard a helicopter. Taste some of the most renowned appellations and experience Bourgogne in depth.


Authentic approach

Wines are best appreciated when shared, so let us discover the "terroir" together. We will guide you with a personalized presentation of the viticulture practices with a deep attention to your wishes.

Personal attention

Everyone has unique preferences that are best fulfilled by an exclusive and private experience.
We are dedicated to offer our customers the best experience to share the best memories.


Wine is a lifelong education. Burgundian traditions, the rich heritage of the region and typology of each wine are a personal interest, so then it is not a work, it is a passion.

Discover the hidden Bourgogne


You'll enjoy authentic and meaningful experiences.

Get in Touch


Whether you’re coming for a family vacation, a romantic honeymoon, or a culinary trip, I also organize custom tours of Burgundy and can offer you a 100% customized itinerary based on your unique needs and interests.
Stay in touch with me and discover the latest news about the Burgundy region.

by Burgundy’s Driver in France
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