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Chambertin, Romanée-Conti, Montrachet, Clos de Vougeot, Corton, …
There are few wines in the world that arouse so much enthusiasm and passion. These are names which, like the most famous monuments on the planet, invite you to dream, to travel, to immerse yourself in history
or looking at a map…



They are the ultimate quest of a great wine lover.
Experiencing the multitude of flavors, the bewitching aromatic complexity, the endless persistence of taste that these wines have to offer.
Experiencing an exclusive and incomparable tasting, such is the promise of a Grand Cru from Burgundy.



The expression of the terroir


« I plunge my nose into the glass and suddenly, life stops around me. We are on another planet, what invades my nose is of the most absolute elegance, there is finesse, purity, delicately integrated tertiary aromas. And then the wilted rose. This subtle note that puts me on the path to the appellation. I take a sip of the wine, and again, unknown sensations surge. The tannins are elegant, there is still a little acidity, the finish is balanced, salivating and long, long, long. It is a refined wine, far from a demonstration of power. The material is so light, and so concentrated at the same time that it’s magical »

Among the 1247 that make up the Côte de Beaune and the Côte de Nuits, there are only 33 “climats” classified at the highest level of the hierarchy of Burgundy wine appellations. Their production is only around 1% of the vineyard area. If we compare these figures to wine production worldwide, the expression “a drop in the ocean” becomes very mean-ingful, as the entire Burgundy region accounts for only 0.6% of the world’s wine production.

Thanks to an exclusive tasting, we invite you to discover the 33 Grands Crus of Burgundy. 

pinot noir




With more than 4,000 producers, discover the know-how of a winegrower thanks to a selection of several appellations and different terroirs
of its production.


There are more than 1200 appellations. Compare wines from the same appellation, from the same terroir, from the same origin, to discover what makes the
producers world famous.


The great young wines seduce with their generous fruit and their power. These same wines, with a few more years, will captivate with their complex aromas
and the silky velvety tannins.



Personalized tasting

We offer our professional, amateur and enthusiast customers our expertise in their selection of wines.
Our support approach consists of selecting personalized tastings created from appellations adapted to their needs. After analyzing the needs of each profile, our experts will allow you to approach the wines in a simple and structured way. To discover the identity of a wine: the terroir, the topography, the climate, the types of soil, the particularities of winemaking, the grape varieties and their characteristics. Each appellation will be analyzed according to its unique criteria, in order to guide your choices and bring your projects to fruition.

Write a wine list, create a commercial argument, discover an appellation, acquire a vintage that is close to your heart… We build a range of wines adapted to each taste profile.



We organize tastings allowing all types of customers to discover the Burgundy wine offering.
Presentation of Burgundy wine, introduction to tasting, sale of wines, we come to your establishment, in France and abroad with a selection of Burgundy wines and create your event in a chic and relaxed way.

séparateur séparateur

Tastings are organized in dedicated places to the tasting experience.
Bourgogne Emotions benefits from privileged partners allowing access to major appellations from renowned producers. As the majority of large estates do not welcome public, these tastings do not give rise to visits to the estates.

We ask each customer to find out about the world-renowned Burgundy Grands Crus before sending us their request.
Any non-serious request will not be taken into account.

We will study each request carefully in order to offer each of our customers an authentic and personalized tasting.

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