Art of Tasting


experience sommellerie

Learn with a sommelier

Discover how to identify and memorize the aromas of wine: Examine the color, intensity, clarity, tears, flavors, balance, tannins, length...

Master the basics of food and wine pairings: Learn how to choose a wine according to the dish, the aromas, its aging potential, the serving temperature, the decanting..


While touring along the Route des Grands Crus or just for an experience, learn to analyze the visual, olfactory and taste aspect of a wine. You will taste a selection of Bourgogne appellations and discover the differences in "climats", "terroirs", vintages and producers.

Share this informative session with family, friends, colleagues and impress your future guests!
  • Price per person | 2 hours of experience

    Contact us for the full price list. We can accommodate up to 60 people by special request.
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    Price per person
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